The BitmapDataChannel class is an enumeration of constant values that indicate which channel to use: red, blue, green, or alpha transparency.

When you call some methods, you can use the bitwise OR operator (|) to combine BitmapDataChannel constants to indicate multiple color channels.

The BitmapDataChannel constants are provided for use as values in the following:

  • The sourceChannel and destChannel parameters of the openfl.display.BitmapData.copyChannel() method
  • The channelOptions parameter of the openfl.display.BitmapData.noise() method
  • The openfl.filters.DisplacementMapFilter.componentX and openfl.filters.DisplacementMapFilter.componentY properties


@:value(cast 8)@:enum@:implinlineread onlyALPHA:BitmapDataChannel = 8

The alpha channel.

@:value(cast 4)@:enum@:implinlineread onlyBLUE:BitmapDataChannel = 4

The blue channel.

@:value(cast 2)@:enum@:implinlineread onlyGREEN:BitmapDataChannel = 2

The green channel.

@:value(cast 1)@:enum@:implinlineread onlyRED:BitmapDataChannel = 1

The red channel.