Parser for particle files created with "Starling Particle Editor" or "Particle Designer".

Starling Particle Editor:

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Static methods

@:value({ scale : 1 })staticparse<T>(data:Dynamic, particleGraphic:FlxGraphicAsset, ?emitter:Null<T>, scale:Float = 1):T

This function will parse a *.pex file and return a new emitter. There are some incompatibilities: - It only supports the "Gravity" emitter type. - Tangential and radial acceleration aren't supported. - Blend functions aren't supported. The default blend mode is ADD. @:file(), a string with the content of the file or a XML object.



The data to be parsed. It has to be an ID to the assets file, a file embedded with


The particle graphic


(optional) A FlxEmitter. Most properties will be overwritten!


(optional) Used to scale the resulting emitter. Will scale both the texture size and positions of resulting particles.


A new emitter