Helper class that wraps steam API so that flixel can do some basic book-keeping on top of it

Also cuts down a bit on the (cpp && steamwrap) clutter by letting me stuff all those conditionals and imports over here and just letting them resolve to no-ops if steamwrap isn't detected.

Not meant to be exposed to end users, just for internal use by FlxGamepadManager. If a user wants to use the Steam API directly they should just be making naked calls to steamwrap themselves.

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Static variables

@:value(0.25)staticread onlyCONTROLLER_CONNECT_POLL_TIME:Float = 0.25

The wait time between polls for connected controllers

staticread onlyMAX_CONTROLLERS:Int

The maximum number of controllers that can be connected

staticread onlyMAX_ORIGINS:Int

The maximum number of origins (input glyphs, basically) that can be assigned to an action

@:value(1.0)staticread onlyORIGIN_DATA_POLL_TIME:Float = 1.0

The wait time between polls for action origins (checking which input glyphs are associated with an action, in case the player has re-configured them)