Enumeration of possible callback event types.

Static variables

staticread onlyBEGIN:CbEvent

BEGIN event corresponds to the start of an interaction

staticread onlyBREAK:CbEvent

BREAK event corresponds to the breaking of a defined limit on a Constraint.

staticread onlyEND:CbEvent

END event corresponds to the end of an interaction.

staticread onlyONGOING:CbEvent

ONGOING event corresponds to any step in which an interaction is occuring overlapping with the BEGIN event.

staticread onlyPRE:CbEvent

PRE event corresponds to a special mid-step event that occurs after it is determined that two objects 'will' begin to interact, but before any interaction commences.

staticread onlySLEEP:CbEvent

SLEEP event corresponds to the sleeping of a Body or Constraint in the space.

staticread onlyWAKE:CbEvent

WAKE event corresponds to the waking of a Body or Constraint in the space.