Enumeration of available broadphase collision types that Spaces may use.

Static variables

staticread onlyDYNAMIC_AABB_TREE:Broadphase

Dynamic AABB Tree broadphase.

This broadphase uses a pair of binary trees with objects inserted based on containment of their AABB.

This is a general purpose broadphase which does not suffer for objects of varying sizes, or objects moving very quickly and is well set for such acts as ray casting and spatial queries like objectsInAABB of the Space type.

This is the default broadphase nape will use.

staticread onlySWEEP_AND_PRUNE:Broadphase

Sweep and prune broadphase.

This is a very simple broadphase using the x-axis to keep objects sorted by their minimum x coordinate.

Performance of this broadphase is generally good and in some circumstances superior to the DYNAMIC_AABB_TREE broadphase.

This broadphase will however be much slower for things such as ray casts and spatial queries like objectsInAABB on the Space type. Also in cases where lots of objects are moving very quickly or when there is a large variety in the size of objects.

Due to the simplicity of this broadphase, it serves as a good test should you ever feel there might be something going wrong with the DYNAMIC_AABB_TREE broadphase type.