FixedScaleAdjustSizeScaleMode is a scaling mode which maintains the game's scene at a fixed size. This will clip off the edges of the scene for dimensions which are too small. However, unlike FixedScaleMode, this mode will extend the width of the current scene to match the window scale. The result is that objects that would be offscreen on smaller window sizes will be visible in larger ones.

Note that compared with StageSizeScaleMode, this scale mode aligns with the center of the game's screen, so the coordinates 0,0 may not be located at the top left of your game window.

To enable it in your project, use FlxG.scaleMode = new FixedScaleAdjustSizeScaleMode();.


@:value({ fixedHeight : false, fixedWidth : false })new(fixedWidth:Bool = false, fixedHeight:Bool = false)


Inherited Variables

Defined by BaseScaleMode

@:value(CENTER)horizontalAlign:FlxHorizontalAlign = CENTER

read onlyoffset:FlxPoint

read onlyscale:FlxPoint

@:value(CENTER)verticalAlign:FlxVerticalAlign = CENTER

Inherited Methods